Stop Kony 2012


In college, I was fortunate enough to be the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper.

In my junior year of college, I traveled to Washington D.C. for the day to cover a story.

The article was about a fellow classmate of mine. She was a former girl-soldier in the L.R.A. and she was able to escape.

She was testifying before Congress about the war crimes in Uganda.

She’s been on Oprah. She’s published a book.

I will never forget listening to her testify that day.

If you haven’t seen this video, you should watch it today. Stop Kony 2012.


“A bunch of littles can make a big difference.”

2 thoughts on “Stop Kony 2012

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  2. Cindi

    I heard about this video this morning on NPR. A journalist that works in the country stated that further into the video a quick comment is made that Kony is gone. The interview stated he has been gone for six years, so some of the outrage may be poorly timed. It is important to know that evidently progress has been made.


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