Spray Painting Mason Jars

The problem with spraypainting is that you can never seem to stop.

While I was walking through my house to spraypaint a frame in the backyard, a mason jar caught my eye.

Well, I thought, why not?

Since then, I’ve spray painted a few mason jars and have enjoyed using them around the house.

I like them in plain ole white, because I think they look ceramic.

While I’m sure this idea is hardly original, I think this would be a great idea for centerpieces at a party.

A quick Google search shows that lots of other people had the same idea!

(Remember the days before Google… I was a loyal Alta Vista fan.
Somehow altavista-ing something just doesn’t have the same ring to it as googling.)

This one caught my eye. The gold is so fun!


Have you caught spraypaint fever?

Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Spray Painting Mason Jars

  1. peasquared

    what a great idea!! i’ve just started an exercise jar and was thinking that i should cover the jar somehow. i was thinking of mod podging some scrapbook paper but i really like the idea of spray painting instead. i was wondering what kind of spray paint you used? thanks!!

  2. lexy3587

    nice – I really like the look of it. Do you spray it on the outside or inside? I was thinking that spraying the inside would give a neat heavy-glazed ceramic look, though it might require more layers to keep it from being scratched up from whatever you put inside.

    1. Withywindle Post author

      I sprayed them from the outside. Spraying from the inside would be cool too! I’d have to figure out how to do it without causing drips. Maybe with non-spray paint and a brush!

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