Splurges of a Cheapskate

In case you didn’t know already, I’m a cheap date.

But every Edward has his Bella (or is it vice versa?), so today I am sharing a few of my weaknesses:

Shower Gel | Sugar | New Girl | Boots | Stockings

1. Shower Gel

I used to hate spending money on expensive shower gel. Instead, I’d do what most people do and just buy the cheap stuff. It occured to me, 8 months later when I’m still using the same bottle, it would be worth it to spend the extra five dollars and use a shower gel I really like everyday. Think of it as a reward for dealing with blowdrying your hair.

2. Raw Sugar

Something about using raw sugar in my coffee and tea makes me feel a lot healthier. In the grand scheme of sweeteners, this is the healthiest way to go. Stay away from me you Splenda-lovers. No thank you. If this is something I am consuming on a daily basis, I want to go the extra mile.

3. DVR

Who has time to watch television live anymore? We decided if we weren’t going to pay for DVR, we weren’t going to get cable at all. Now I know that, if I’m watching the Bachelor, at least I can watch it in half the time. Now I have the opportunity to do something rewarding with those 20 minutes of commercial time.

4. Boots

Since I wear boots all fall and winter, I own a few pairs. I never buy the cheapies. When it comes to boots, they are usually cheap for a reason. Be sure to get a nice thick sole – this is the part that will wear out first. My favorite boots have lasted three full winters now and will be good for next winter too! (FYI – by “splurging” on boots, I mean waiting until this time of year and snagging a pair of $200 boots at Macy’s for 65% off.)

5. Stockings – especially fun ones!

I live in Boston. It’s cold here, and for some reason dress pants + cold weather = misery. I like to wear stockings (with aforementioned boots!) to stay warm. Cheap stockings will tear or run right away, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks. It will be worth it in the long run! (or hopefully not the long run, get it? Stockings. Long run. I’m killin’ it.)

Those are my secret splurges. What are yours!?

8 thoughts on “Splurges of a Cheapskate

  1. the domestic fringe

    I use tons of lotion, so rather than buying drugstore lotion, I splurge on nicer scented lotions. I enjoy smelling good. I also splurge on cleanser and moisturizer for my face. I feel like if my skin isn’t good, no amount of paint will help me look better.
    It is often true that you get what you pay for.
    BTW I bought a pair of cheap brown boots this year and I so wish I had splurged for the good ones, but there’s always next year. 😉

    1. Withywindle Post author

      Agreed! I love having nice skin and not wearing as much makeup. And there is always next year for boots! (Or maybe if you check now you can score a good deal and wear them in the fall!)

  2. peasquared

    Your list is awesome. I was wondering what the name is of the boots you bought at macy’s. I’ve been looking for some that aren’t too expensive. Thanks for the tips, too.
    One of the things I like to splurge on is jewelry. I’ve come to really like lisa leonard designs. Her pieces are a little expensive, but worth it. Another is kitchen items. I’m pretty picky about the utensils that I use.

    1. Withywindle Post author

      thanks! I have a few pairs of boots, but my favorites are Anne Klein.

      I love Lisa Leonard! Maybe someday she will be on my splurge list. Her jewelry is so pretty.

  3. C

    My splurges are shoes, books, and video games. Yep, you just read that: video games. If I’m going to be spending time exploring and playing in a virtual world, I’d rather it be one with a solid story, complex characters and amazing graphics. The kind of games I love the most tend to be the ones that develop new forms of graphic engineering (including various in-game physics, like Havok physics and ragdoll physics, as well as original or heavily modified graphics engines) as they’re being made. One of my favorites takes place in a “city” built in biodomes on the ocean floor – they brought in a programmer/artist who specializes specifically in water to develop something completely new for the game. The results were well, well worth the $60 I paid. 🙂

  4. Vanessa Chapman

    It was boots that brought me to your blog! I wrote about boots on my blog on Monday and was just checking out who else was writing about boots. I splurge on bed linen, cheap sheets are not good – we spend so many hours in bed I want it to feel lovely 🙂


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