V is for Versatile Blogging

First, I just wanted to thank everybody for reading Withywindle. It’s a fun outlet for myself. : )

A few weeks ago I was nominated by The Gregarious House for the Versatile Blogger award. A big thank you to them and be sure to check out their blog. And I’m sorry for not getting around to this until now.

What is The Versatile Blogger award you ask? Good question. The Versatile Blogger Award was created by bloggers for bloggers to support bloggers. You share seven facts about yourself and share some other blogs that you follow.

Seven things about moi? Oh dear…


1. I think I own every color Sharpie Marker that has ever been manufactured.


2. If there is a dance floor I’m probably on it.


3. I’ve done all the painting in our house with no painter’s tape and no drop-clothes. Woot woot for steady hands. Livin’ on the edge here in Renovationville.


4. If I was stranded on a desert island I would bring my Kindle (for pleasure), my hot glue gun (for survival) and the biggest bag of gummi bears you’ve ever seen in your life (for sustenance).


5. I have an abnormal affinity towards grocery stores. Our town just got a Wegman’s and I may still be more-than-slightly giddy about it.


6. I really like whales. If you found me a fanny-pack in whale-print, I just might wear it.


7. I really want to get a dog! *Fingers crossed that it won’t be too long.

Here are 15 blogs I frequent that make me smile and get the creative juices flowing – I nominate thee for the Versatile Blogger award:

  1. His Sugarplum
  2. Life in Grace
  3. Hernando House
  4. Beneath My Heart
  5. Dwelling Cents
  6. My Little Happy Place
  7. Live a Little Wilder
  8. A Beach Cottage
  9. The Katie Chronicles
  10. The Modern Cottage
  11. Life Behind the Ivy
  12. Flipflops and Pearls
  13. Fixing It Fancy
  14. A Thoughtful Place
  15. Honey, We’re Home

Have a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “V is for Versatile Blogging

  1. Bam

    I love your sharpie collection display, mine is in an old popcorn tin. 🙂 A friend of mine is looking to give her puppy away with ALL the accessories, you anywhere near Pensacola, FL ?

  2. dwellingcents

    Thanks, Kat! What an honor! I’m so glad to have found your blog again- I came across is months ago, loved it, and then could NOT for the life of me remember it’s name (only that there were a couple of W’s:) I’m excited to catch up! -Rebecca


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