These are a few of my favorite (Christmas) things!

Christmastime is that rare time of year we get to indulge in pleasures that elude us for the remainder of the year.

Some of my favorites lately are:


A nice cold cup of egg nog! With whipped topping.


It’s not Christmas without a viewing (and sing-a-long) to White Christmas.
(Preferably watched with Christmas cookies, hot cocoa and slippers).


Cutting out paper snowflakes and getting the little bits of paper all over the living room.


Peppermint ice cream! Particularly the kind from Friendly’s with my mom’s homemade chocolate sauce!


All Christmas music! All the time! James Taylor, Glee, Nat King Cole. You name it, I’ll listen to it!


Christmas is the one time of year we actually receive real snail mail! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail!


Twinkle lights. Everywhere! Night drives with Starbucks for light-viewing – our tradition!


and speaking of those red cups…! Venti Peppermint mocha extra hot no whip please.


For reasons unknown to me, I LOVE the Garfield Christmas Special. LOVE IT! The old grandma… the lost love letters… gets me every time.


Singing carols at our Christmas Eve service. Especially Silent Night at the end. And if you go to the midnight service and it’s snowing when you leave when it’s technically Christmas. It’s the Christmas trifecta.

Also, my brother and I would try to see how much we could make the candle melt without spilling wax. Fun times.


Staring at our tree and ornaments every evening – our tree of stories.

Remembering the memories of different ornaments and flipping them over to see the year they were added to the tree!


I’m relishing all these things this week!

What are you favorite things this time of the year?

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