Kitchen Progress: More Demo and New Countertop!

When we moved we vowed that our kitchen and our bedroom would be our priority projects of the house. Within 12 weeks, we said. Within 3 months we would overhaul our kitchen and do our bedroom. We would then move on to the rest of the house in a manner of sanity and comfortability. “They will be done by July!!!!” we declared from the rooftops.

Yeah… about that… It’s December. Late December.

Our bedroom is mostly done. You last saw it here when it was in it’s drab de-wallpapered state and I was crying. Not crying, but certainly hyperventilating. And I’ve neglected to share our progress in that room, shame on me. So many fascinating things to publicly muse over, so little time. I will get to that soon.

This is what my countertop and sink have looked like since we’ve moved in. The backsplash was completely rotted and needed to be removed right away. This was due to the fact that our sink leaks… incessantly. We have kept a rag behind the faucet for the last 8 months to prevent it from ruining the wall further.

Although the countertop doesn’t look too terrible in this picture. It was super grody. As was the sink. Old, stained and yuck. Oh yes, and the disposal was really wonky too. The whole sink situation was not good.

After browsing Home Depot and Lowe’s countertops, we got an estimate from a small local countertop company through a  recommendation.

We opted to go for granite because of it’s durability and strength. Also it’s popularity for resale value. Although it can be more expensive than some options, we have so little countertop that it was was a good option for us.

After we chose our slab, sink and faucet and had our countertop templated, we needed to demo! Well, really my husband needed to demo. I think I was writing Christmas cards and cheering while watching some holiday-related movie.

And we also needed to remove some molding since the countertop goes right into the doorframe.

While I had the chance, I painted the inside cabinet under the sink! Before the disposal was huge and I couldn’t get around it with a paintbrush.

And…. drumroll *tada*

In regards to the granite, we got a great deal. For the countertop plus the sink plus installation we paid $47/sq foot. We chose to get the pencil edged finish because it’s supposed to be more durable and less prone to chipping. Plus we like the modern edge it gives to the counter. (AND it was one of the options that didn’t cost extra moolah.)

For the sink we chose a large stainless steel undermount sink. We opted for the one-big-cavernous sink, as opposed to the 50/50 or 70/30 divided sink because I find it annoying when I can’t fit large objects in the sink to clean (like our cast iron skillet or cookie sheets). Also, I don’t use our sink to dry anything, which some people do. The sink was “free”, as it was included in the cost of the countertop.

We also saved a lot of money by finding our faucet on the clearance rack for 75% off the SALE price plus another 10% off. Essentially we got a $200 faucet for $40. (that’s equivalent to 3 sq. feet of countertop we saved!)

We also purchased a new, functioning(!) and quiet(!) disposal. You’d have to ask Moose about that though. All I know is that it doesn’t get clogged and fill the sink up with water.

It definitely helped a LOT with giving the kitchen a major refresh. The old countertop and sink looked very dingy and old and aged the kitchen.

Our kitchen progress is coming to a close!

I’m now setting a realistic goal for our kitchen to be completed by the end of January 2012!

Here is what we HAVE (!!!) done:

– Strip wallpaper off the walls
– Scrape, spackle and paint walls, trim, ceiling
– Remove all hardware and patch holes with wood filler
– Caulk, prime and paint inside of all cabinets and drawers
– Paint cabinet bases
– Caulk, prime and paint cabinet doors… and subsequently scrap
– Remove old broken dishwasher
– Install new dishwasher
– Remove ceiling fan and broken sink task light
– Install new windows
– Remove rotted backsplash
– Tear apart pantry and re-build (I’ve yet to share this project.)
– Remove old blinds and add curtains
– Remove countertop, sink, faucet, disposal
– Have new countertop, sink, faucet and disposal installed
– Install drawer hardware
– Find, purchase and paint sideboard
– Tear down wall for recessed fridge
– Build new molding for recessed fridge
– Build encasing walls for recessed fridge
– Purchase cabinet hardware
– Move power outlet and kitchen light switch due to recessed fridge
– Install new fridge and water line
– Paint radiator

Even though we’re way past our deadline, I think we’re hardly guilty of not doing work in the kitchen.

What do we have left?

– Install new sink task light
– Find, purchase and install ceiling light
– Put in new wood pieces under the sink
– Finish installing drawer panels
– Finish installing cabinet doors
– Add cabinet door hardware and pantry door handles
– Stain top of sideboard
– Add quarter-round under granite
– Toe-kick
– Install hardware to attach dishwasher to the granite
– Repair and paint molding on doorframe
– Find and purchase kitchen island and stools
– Finish re-wiring the outlets and put switch plate covers on
– Finally take off the projective film on the dishwasher! After 8 months!

The end is in sight!

TGIF! Can you believe it’s 9 days until Christmas!?

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Progress: More Demo and New Countertop!

  1. gracehepburn

    Holy Moly! That looks AMAZING!! Great Job Withy Windle and Moose, I’m soo impressed! You deserve to sit back and enjoy the holidays! (with me of course, come soon!!)

  2. Stephanie

    I’ve just happened on your site via Fresh Pressed (believe that is the right name). I love that sink. Also would like to know what the name is of the color in the kitchen. I would absolutely love to remodel our kitchen. We have laminate counters and cabinets, but is no where feasible right now. Really need to repaint, and just may have to go with a fresh new color this time.That’s about all we can afford right now.


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