Windowshop Wednesday at West (W)Elm

My friend Miss Katie from The Katie Chronicles is in trouble. Why, you ask?

Because while we are trying to save up the extra pennies for the holidays she is taunting me with one of my favorite stores – West Elm!

But that’s okay Katie, looking is more fun than buying anyways.

There is no rhyme or reason here, just lots of things I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking (hah-hah).

The Finn Chandelier would be excellent over a workspace!

Look at all that light!

It kind of reminds me of an old-school classroom/workroom lamp that slowly spins around over your head.

And while we’re on the topic of worklamps…

I love this Industrial Task Lamp.

I’ll give you three seconds to guess which color I’d pick… 1. 2. 3.

Egg yolk yellow! Even the rainiest, snowiest and dreariest day couldn’t bring you down with that spark on sunshine on your desk.

Transitioning to summer….

How sweet are these “yours and mine” pillow shams.

I love these big stripes on this duvet cover. I may need to keep an eye on this and see if the price does down… I can’t escape my nautical innards.

My love for all things sailor-esque are also seen here:

I love these striped sheets.

Can I take a brief moment out to give a round of applause for the West Elm product photographer. I’ve barely dabbled in product photography (I’m talking minor, pinky toenail in the water) and it is NOT easy.

These pillows look perfectly puffed and squished.  And the lighting is lovely.

*Back to earth* And lastly, I love these placemats.

I think these are great and very functional. You could pair them with evergreen and holly for Christmas, pink and magenta for Valentine’s Day and navy blue accents for July.

Hmmm, I definitely have a theme going on between all of these boldly patterned linens and bright yellow lamp, don’t I?

Thanks Katie for the fun!

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