Weekend Trip: Nantucket

A few weeks ago we made a fall excursion to Nantucket with friends.

Most people think of Nantucket in the summertime, but we have gone the past two Octobers! It’s beautiful and a lot less crowded. AND you can usually get a better deal since it’s off-season.

We had purchased our ferry tickets on Groupon earlier in the spring.

(For those interested, we have been on both the Hyline and Steamship Authority traditional ferries. The Hyline gets you there in about 1.25 hours – but the boat is much smaller and provides a lot less seating options. The Steamship Authority will get you there in two hours and offers more comfortable seating and more tables.)

We stayed at the Scallop Inn on Nantucket Island, which is part of the Periwinkle Inn. A+ to price and location.

For my fellow whale-lovers, Nantucket provides a plethora of whale related paraphernalia.

Did you know that Nantucket was the Whaling Capital of the World from 1800 to 1840?

Author Herman Melville penned the famous novel “Moby Dick” after visiting the island in the 1840s. (This is on my to-read list! I own it. It’s on my shelf. Note to self: Stop going to the library and read the books I own.)

This time we rented a Wrangler for off-road driving. Nobody, for the most part, brings their cars across the ferry, so there are a lot of places that have vehicles for rent.

Last year we rented a scooter – that was fun too!

Driving on the beach was great fun and provided beautiful views unable to be seen on land!

Not a bad view out the rear windshield, eh?

We drove to Great Point Light at the tip of the northeast end of the island. The lighthouse is only accessible by sand roads.

And finally, we went to one of my favorite places on the island, Sconset.

AKA …Where you go to buy “fancy groceries”.

I decided if I ever become a hermit, you’ll find me in a little cottage on Sconset.

But don’t come looking for me. : )

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