Window Shop Wednesday: Pottery Barn

It’s Window Shop Wednesday again with The Katie Chronicles.

Today we are “window shopping” at Pottery Barn.


I love these sculptures of old telephones! These would be great to use as non-traditional bookends.


I love seeded glass! It’s very old-time and cozy to me. These lampshades are beauties.


I love-LOVE barn lamps! We hope to do something like this for our exterior lights on our house. Let the square dancing commence.

And a few items from my favorite section – the clearance aisle!


These are so stinkin’ cute!

Okay, no offense or anything, but seriously Pottery Barn? You call $40.00 for these babies clearance?


I have found a lot of cool things on the beach, but never a glass buoy. I can’t imagine there are many of those anymore! I guess until then I will need a fake one from PB.

Does anyone remember the children’s book Corduroy? It’s about a little teddy bear who gets locked in the department store overnight and gets to try out all the beds. I think I’d like to get locked into Pottery Barn.

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