Wedding DIY: Celebratory Flags

This was hands-down one of my favorite DIY projects from my wedding!

A lot of couples choose to throw rice/confetti/birdseed or blow bubbles, but as soon as I found a blog featuring a project like this I knew it was what I wanted to do. I also knew it would be a LOT less expensive!

Materials Needed:

1. 50 sheets of colored paper
2. 150 Kabob Sticks from the grocery store
3. Hot Glue Gun

I created flags with proclamations of excitement (ex: Yippee, Hooray) in Adobe Illustrator (although I’m sure you could finagle it in PowerPoint) and created three triangles on one sheet of paper. I printed them all out alternating what they said.

Then you will want to cut them out. I always use a razor blade and rubber mat to ensure straight edges and precise angles.

Then I just glued the kabob stick on.

I made 150 of these for about $15!

Also, for the holders I used some blue glass vases I already owned and also these green bottles.

Do they look familiar? They should!

Mini Pellegrino bottles. I recycled these from a party I attended.

They were handed out with the programs and there was a little sign that said “When the newlyweds pass your way, wave your flag and shout hooray!”.

So, my question is, if you throw rice to wish good luck and fertility on a couple what do you think these flags mean?

5 thoughts on “Wedding DIY: Celebratory Flags

  1. Carrie

    I loved these! I still have mine (a yellow “Yippee,” I believe) and am going to use it when I make the scrapbook page for your wedding. 🙂


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