The Swedish Giant: Window Shop Wednesday

Today we are window shopping at the Swedish Giant. Yes, Ikea.

I have a confession. I have never been into an Ikea. I don’t even own anything from Ikea. I think I may be the only person in blog land who is Ikea-less.

Someday I will make it there! And you can bet I am going for their free breakfast. Aww yeah!

When I do make it to the hallowed blue and yellow grounds, these are some things I am definitely considering bringing home with me:

The Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

This is a must-purchase. Our front door opens right up into a narrow hallway (old house, hello!) and we don’t have any great spot for excess stuff, particularly shoes. I’d like to put one of these in my hallway to store my shoes and have a place for our keys when we walk in the front door.

The Groland Kitchen Island

This I want to see. We are looking at islands for our kitchen right now, and if this one had a drawer underneath the tabletop it would be exactly what I’m looking for. We shall have to see…. I love the birch wood.

The Maskros Pendant Light

This light is like a party on your ceiling! It’s a little crazy, but it’s fun. I’d love to use this ceiling light in our bedroom or our office.

The Barbar Tray

“Put a bird on it” duh! I love this tray. It’s so colorful and whimsical. I’d use this on my dresser for perfumes and bottles.

Tell me I’m not the only one who has never been to Ikea.

Have you been to an Ikea? Are you part of the Ikea-cult?

6 thoughts on “The Swedish Giant: Window Shop Wednesday

  1. Bunni

    I think you and I would have a lot of fun in ikea, and would probably end up spending hours upon hours in the store! I love how they have set ups and tell you the square footage of each space, giving you ideas of how to decorate if you only have 500 sq. ft.! I went to the ikea in Arizona with Melissa. What wasn’t fun was spending forever trying to put together an entertainment center hahaha. 🙂

  2. gnome@home

    I had that bird tray in my hands last week at the IKEA in Salt Lake City!! I was already overpacked (by about 10 pounds) so I left it. FYI: They also had matching placemats. Uh huh! Owls and birds continue to be all the rage. Makes me happy.


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