Old Things, New Uses

“New Uses for Old Things” is one of my favorite sections of the magazine Real Simple.

Here are a few ways I have tried to find new uses for old things in my house:

What used to be an old rifle box….

… is now the perfect size organizer for wrapping paper and greeting cards.

What used to be a wine bottle gift box….

… now houses all my Granna’s scarves. (I used my other one to store candlesticks.)

What used to be jar candles….

… have been cleaned and now organize our office supplies.

This one is a double whammy. What used to be a retro planter and placemat…

are now a pencil/tool holder and a desk protector.

Using items for purposes they weren’t meant for is usually much more fun than using them for the reason they were made.

Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Old Things, New Uses

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