Reusable Grocery Bags You’ll Actually (Shocker!) Reuse

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Shame on your Mr. Grocery Man. Hmm, let me preface that.

I use reusable grocery bags. Well, most of the time. Sometimes I leave them in the car or I forget to put them back in the car, but I try my best. I also bag my own groceries because it drives me crazy how the cashiers do it. Hence, the following:

I ran a quick errand to the grocery store. Not my usual haul, just some milk and fresh produce items. It all fit into the little hand carrying basket. So why did I come home with 12 grocery bags?!?

But what really got me is not only did he double bag everything (aren’t we in a general world that tries to converse waste by now?)… he double bagged my spinach. Yes. My little bag of spinach.


I rest my case.

If you don’t own a slew of reusable grocery bags yet, here are a few of my favorites!

1. I love my Trader Joe’s bag. It’s sturdy, big and easy to wash!

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2. I also have a bag just like this. These are handy for the gal-on-the-go because they fold up really small inside your purse.

Image from here

3. Pretty ones! While I would never buy these (who spends $300 on grocery bags? Oh yeah, Prada grocery bags) they are cute!! Check out your local Target Dollar Spot for a real nice price that’s more my style.

Image from here


And if you don’t own any, I would recommend buying a few. The eve of Yard Sale Season is upon us and that is when reusable grocery bags really come in handy. ; )

What do you carry your groceries in?

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