Rain, Rain [Don’t] Go Away

I love rain. Really, I do.

Sometimes I think I should move to Seattle because I’d be one of the few people to actually enjoy the weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a sunshiney day as much as the next person, but rainy days don’t get me down.

A big reason for this is Wellies.

This picture is of me and some friends back in college.

Who could hate rain when you have THOSE on your feet? (Mine are the ones that look like Lifesavers by the way.)

And yes. They are still kicking. : )

So today, I welcome Wellie-Season.

Do you own rainboots? Or special rain gear? Do you like rain as much as me, or am I off my rocker?

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain [Don’t] Go Away

  1. Paige

    What FAB boots!!

    I don’t mind the rain but my coat has recently bitten the dust so I think it might be time to go get myself a new colourful one. Brighten my rainy day;)

  2. Janet

    Those are my feet!!! KP, I just recently discovered you have a blog and I feel like we’re friends again! Your blog is one of favs 🙂 Hope all is well with you and Moose in married land!

  3. Alli

    Where did you get your galoshes? I bought a pair at Target and they are already torn and getting my socks wet. I’ve only had them a year or so!


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