The St. Patrick’s Day Countdown

24 Hours! Here are a few videos to get yourself acquainted. : )

1. Gaelic Storm’s “The Ferryman”

Awwww yeah! (Al, this is for you!) Sorry for the lame sunset photo. It’s the only version of this song on YouTube. Does that no one listens to Gaelic Storm? What does that say about me!?

2. Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping up to Boston”

This was our entrance song at our wedding! I thought everyone knew this song, but maybe it’s only a Boston thing? Our DJ had never heard of it.

3. Riverdance. I still want to be a Riverdancer when I grow up. I remember watching this with my parents when it first came out on PBS.

4. Lucky Charms.

Although I have NO idea what makes this cereal associated with leprechauns. The marshmallows are supposed to be treasure? But where in the rainbow? It’s not pointing into my cereal. And my cereal bowl is definitely not a pot of gold.

4. The Muppet Leprechaun Brothers

One word. Amazing. Two more words. Danny Boy. (HAH! I think this is hilarious. We definitely sang this in my women’s choir for competitions. We were not nearly as amazing as Beeker, the Swedish Chef and Animal.)

5. Nerd Alert! I’m putting Gaelic Storm on here twice. I love this song too. So here is one more! Gaelic Storm’s “She was the Prize”

1 thought on “The St. Patrick’s Day Countdown

  1. Alli

    GAH! I love Gaelic Storm!!! One of my favorite songs in the entire world is She Was the Prize… swoon worthy.


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